write in present tense.
2002-02-16 - 12:56 p.m.

reflections of a day[ortwo]. thoughts of you.

sometimes i need: you to be patient with me. you to hold on to me. you to not push my hair out of my eyes[i don't want you to see me crying] you to not point out the obvious.[people have such a keen grasp on the obvious]

sometimes i: get moody. cry for no reason. ignore you on purpose.

i feel like i: am going to throw up. i think my glands are swollen as well.

today i have to: write a paper about a guy who tupped his mama and killed his daddy and then poked his eyes out. [oedipus rex]

i'm going to change, though. because on monday, i'm getting my hair drastically cut. and i'm going to finally pick a major. [haha] and i'm going to not be so agreeable anymore. you will notice a difference, that is, if you care.

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