gone to look for america.
2002-03-16 - 3:21 p.m.

following the footsteps of some of the diaries here, i need a break. an indefinite one - could be that i come back tonight. could be months[days]weeks//

for now, i will be careful not to get too far inside my head because if i've learned anything, it's that if i let that happen, i feel terrible about myself.

for now, i will listen to boston's 'more than a feeling' with the windows rolled down and the pre-spring weather coming in to warm my chilled face.

for now, i will enjoy my time being young because my mother says it only gets worse as you go along.

for now, i will not worry about school and the career choices i am supposed to make because those things will fall into place.

for now, i will enjoy the few people that i actually like to be around and make the most of these relationships.

i will be more assertive.

i will make decisions for myself and be opinionated.

i will.

i leave you with the run-into-the-ground words of arnold swartzenegger. [yes, i realize i have no idea how to spell his name]

i'll be back.

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