when i sit down, my frog panties show
2002-03-26 - 5:18 p.m.

mar04 revisited

monday was one of those days that you promise yourself that you'll savor. and you do - it's just over way too fast. monday was one of those days that makes you live in the past. forget the future and the present, you want days like this everyday.

it started at 12:44 by his clock. his clock isn't accurate, but i went by this time all day. the sky was the kind of blue you didn't realize existed. the clouds. the trees. the sun. and me+you on our first out-of-town-by-ourselves-trip. when i say out of town, i don't mean a mere 30min. away. i mean a real trip in a real out of town place. you said that on this trip i could be in charge of the music. so i introduced+emphasized important albums to you. at one point i believe you said, "what the hell is this?" meaning, of course, the music. it didn't bother me though. i know you've been a bit misguided in some of your musical preferences.

the miles//hours||[minutes> went by faster than they ever have. i think this has a lot to do with the company. //you it seemed as though we got along better than we ever had. [but we always get along. rarely an exception.] you held my hand and i held the map.

"we aren't lost," you said, "i'm just a little unsure where we are at the moment."

not that i cared. i trust you. that says a lot coming from the girl who is inclined to believe she can't trust anybody.


from the outside, the building didn't resemble a theatre by any means. but once the smell inside got into me, i knew we were in the right place. it was old, this place. old+perfect. my daddy had been here years ago as my age for shows. +now it was my turn. dark reds+yellows. fancy shmancy fixtures+furniture. we found our seats - balcony. they were playing pete yorn. the lights were dim and i spent a good portion of the time staring at the ceiling. it was the prettiest thing i'd seen in a long time. the lights only made it prettier. i'm not going to tell you any more than that because my words couldn't do justice.

opening band and then the music we came for. the live performance easily as good as the recording. the glare from the instruments blinded me in the best way and i liked leaning back with my eyes closed and just listening. music in+just feeling. just feeling+being content. being content for once.

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