my sireeny.
2002-03-28 - 10:24 p.m.

you're always too early because you allow time for the red lights but they change too quickly, putting you at my house a good ten-fifteen minutes before you're supposed to be there.

we're never really sure where to go, but we always end up someplace + we always have fun.

some places are just tradition by now + the car naturally gravitates toward them. some places we don't go to anymore and some places are new+foreign.

our sense of humors compliment and we feed off of each other. nobody gets me like you. nobody laughs at the same things. but with you, most anything is fun.

we're going to grow up and grow old, but i guarantee you when we're eightyfour years old - me+you - we'll be playing skeeball once a week. and you'll still say "so...where are we going now?" and i'll still have no idea.

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