2002-04-02 - 10:23 p.m.


i remember the first time i saw you. it was at school [in what is referred to as the commons area, but i call it the "ahh, i hate this place" area]. see, what we didn't realize was that we had gone through a year of middle school and four of high school without knowing each other existed [kinda blows the whole 'it's a small world thing', i guess]. and i think this was the first time that i didn't snarl my nose at the love at first sight thing. because there it was right in my face.

i remember the first time you told me that you loved me. it was a saturday night and we were sitting on my carport in the dark, watching the head lightning. i had been waiting for you for hours, braving mosquitos and drinking apple juice out of tiny green boxes. side by side. sitting. you could only stay a few minutes, but i tell you, it was worth the wait. especially when you pulled me toward you. close, so that all i could breathe in was you + you bent down the necessary eleven inches to my ear and you said "i love you, baby." and in an equally sincere voice i said, "i love you, too."

i remember all of the saturday nights spent laying in the living room floor while the digital music channels played and we made bets on which of us would guess the song first. sometimes, in the middle of our joking around, we would get quiet - lost in each others eyes - my blue on your green.

i remember the night we layed in my driveway. it was clear and freezing cold. you were sitting but i was laying back. you opened up to me, telling me things i had no idea you'd been through and then, after just a quick pause, you sing "fly me to the moon." i never imagined you did such a mean frank sinatra imitation.

i remember sitting on your front porch, watching the rain. you told me funny walmart stories and i told you i wanted a hair cut. you held my hand and told me i should go to class.

i remember the time i hadn't got home till 2am and had to get up early for algebra the next morning. i called after class to see if you were up for a visitor. 10minutes and i was at your house. you saw how i could barely keep my eyes open and you pulled down the covers of your bed. you took my shoes off and then covered me back up after i had layed down. you tucked me in and kissed my cheek and i think you said "goodnight" even though it was 10:30 in the morning. when i woke up with you only a few feet away, i wondered if i had ever felt that content.

i remember the time we were watching cartoons. dexter's lab, i think. i was laying on the floor and your head was on my tummy. i started laughing because it was the episode where dexter is dressed as a bird and the way he said 'chirrrrrp chirrrrrp' was just so funny. but when i laughed, your head would move up+down. seeing this, i would laugh even harder until finally, you had to move your head away from me.

i remember when we were in your room one night, both of us wrapped in that big, dumb fuzzy blanket you have. we kept tripping over it, because it was dragging on the ground and we fell onto your bed and while we were all tangled up, you read me love poems you had marked in that big book of yours.

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