praise jesus and pass the ammunition
2002-04-04 - 7:10 p.m.

today was a bad day. i thought about burning my school down. [if you read that a school has burned down in the paper tomorrow, i swear it wasn't me] so far, two people have told me they thought i have pent-up anger. how about a hobby to vent? you need something to redirect your anger. i heard them, but i didn't acknowledge that i had. i like to break things with an axe, but there are only so many things you can bust up before you run out. plus, my parents think ill of me when i do things like that. so for today i listened to "more than a feeling" by boston and "can't find my way home" by blind faith and i felt a little bit better. i try to be optimistic, but it's easier to hate the world.

on the bright side, i found jones soda [thank you alison] and i found a bunch of change in my bag that i didn't know i had.

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