letter from a concerned follower:
2002-04-12 - 10:31 a.m.


i dont really know where to start

so here goes


i love you more than anything in the world


people suck

i hate people every bit as much as you

its ok

people probably hate us too

you are right though about one thing

you dont have direction

i have it all together i suppose

you see

i was floating along

wastin time

partying and flippin burgers

and then one day

i met this girl (that would be you)

who turned me upside down and inside out

i didnt know if i was coming or going

i thought i was going crazy

nobody had ever had that kind of affect on me before

things progressed until eventually i realized

nothing does matter

i have her in my life and i cant really ask for anything more

as long as we are together i just dont care

i cant concentrate on the present because i know my future is with her

and i cant wait

she is like the sun in the sky

always there for me

she gives me something to look forward to each day

when something is wrong with her i want so badly to make it better

but usually i cant i just dont know how

i feel like if i could have her to myself i could make her happy

the rest of the world just doesnt understand us

i want to save her from the world

i just wish i could be there all the time to protect her

i want to share my whole life with her

but i dont know how to start

i feel lost right now

im trying like hell

and just spinning my wheels

im not making any progress

in this thing called life

i hope this gives you a little insight into my mind

i hope you realize that i'm there for you always

i hope i mean as much to you as you mean to me

i hope you maybe feel a little better after reading this

most of all,

i love you

[he is the reason that i do not shoot myself in the face]

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