shake hands with beef
2002-04-13 - 5:40 p.m.

this morning i didn't wake up until late. later than i really think i ever have waken up before. and tonight? tonight i will take pills [not one, but 2] in order to get to sleep and not wake up until shaken [not stirred).

right now i listen to primus on my xbox console. there are certain things i want to accomplish in life and one of these things is to learn to play bass like les claypool. however, i'm in no hurry. i intend to take my time. if there's anything i've learned, it's to take my time. the better to enjoy things. i used to be impatient and all-in-a-hurry. i still can be. but i try to be patient and slow. nice and easy. slow and steady. when i'm old, i'm going to take my time crossing the street. and when someone who is trying to hurry me along beeps their horn at me, i'll stop and turn to them and grin really big. and then i'll start dancing right there in the street. a little shuffle. maybe even some break dancing, what do you think?

today, i pace across the kitchen floor, in time with the beats in my head. i pace and i eat my popsicles. and i look out the window. i really like looking out windows.

i'll let you go about your business now. and me, well, don't worry about me. i'm sure i'll think of some way to get more popsicles.

you have a good day - and hey - take your time.

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