jane says
2002-04-15 - 9:44 p.m.

visitations with you every fourtofive months. periods of 30 minutes and no more no less. you always have a cd to show me and bands to ask me about. you are my equal in this subject. with you it is both a challenge and a pleasure. you trust me but you don't with your albums. i promise i'll be careful

i just


with a stupid grin

headphones to my ears

volume increasing with each


if my ears bled,

i'd laugh

and my parents say

i'll be deaf before i hit 25

[five more years to go]

but i say it's all worth it


nothing is better

than a good song

running through your head

so when i'm on "rock and roll jeopardy" i'll thank you with all of my little heart for everything you have shown me and then i'll say fuckyou into the camera and that'll be for everything else you caused.

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