oh my golly
2002-05-07 - 9:31 p.m.

yesterday i layed on his bed, him beside me, and we didn't do much besides laugh. once, i didn't think he was going to stop. it wasn't really that funny, but i guess he thought it was. i like to see him so happy and i like that he says it's because of me. i feel the same way, you know. he makes me smile a lot. just the mere thought of him and i'm smiling. and like an idiot.

today i finished with school. i took my last exam and i sold back all of my books. [except for the one with the jesus-esque guy on the front, they wouldn't take that one] all of this makes me very happy.

tomorrow i'm selling some cds because i need money. i'd sell plasma or something, but i'd pass out. cds are easier and less painful to sell.

for four days i will be deprived of the substance that keeps me alive. i will most likely be gulping for air on day 4. in this one way, i am very spoiled [how i hate that word] and even though i realize it, i still want more.

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