2002-05-11 - 10:44 p.m.

they should make courses for this shit! picking it apart on the first weezer album, cover art missing. doing something i've never done before - only watched. easier to watch than to do. or something like that.

hurry up, she says. don't get it in my car, she says. i'm trying, i say. doing it right in broad daylight in a crowded public park. holding the finished product up to inspect in the light of day.

that's good, that'll do.

nobody would buy that if we were selling, she says. we aren't selling, i say. for our own enjoyment. eating pudding. and things that i don't know what they were but they were good. peanut butter cookies and cigarettes even though i stopped the 2nd semester of my freshman yr of college. i swear i stopped but it tasted so familiar and brought back so many memories. two drags on a borrowed cigarette.

driving sidebyside with two punks that i don't know. twohanded devilsign. afraid of flashing lights and thinking i burned the wood. tapdancing to get it out. or something. a constant looking behind me. and laughing like a fucking idiot.

life is good and life is funny.

are you okay? he asked. fine, baby. i'm motherfucking fine.

if my adam can have fun 14hours away from me, well then i can have fun 14hours away from him.

he'll have stories to tell me and i'll have stories to tell him. if he won't do things with me, then i'll do them elsewhere and i'll have my fun and eat it too. haha!

weezer never sounded so good. the summer anthem for the 2nd summer in a row.

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