continued from the night before.
2002-05-12 - 9:07 p.m.

hanging out the window with the wind in my face. i can't concentrate on anything at all because i can only think of last night and how i want more. more more and everyday. i think that if i had no restraints at all right now that i would be a fucking addict. it would only take a little to push me over the edge. and i'd go over that edge laughing the whole way.

he said. he said that we could do it anytime i wanted. that he was up for it. everyday i asked. everyday he answered. i laughed and walked away. did you sleep well last night, erin? another he asked. yes i did. i wonder why he says. but i can't

concentrate. i want more. more. i want to smoke. i want to smoke legally and il. illegally and l.

if there was one place i had to choose to stay for the rest of my life, i'd choose the playground's tower. at night, so it's dark. with that cleargreen lighter in my hand. a smile on my face.

and as far as you. one day i'm going to punch you in the nipple.

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