top ten of right now this moment.
2002-05-20 - 7:11 p.m.

0. jones soda. especially fufu berry and vanilla cola

1. IMing my johnnyboy. <3

2. serina. she is the most fun evah.

3. adam. the "he" and "him" you read about in my diary.

4. sour punch straws. strawberry. rotting my teeth out. +i will not forget the sugar on our mouths after that kiss.

5. cars. i need a car. now.

6. lock, stock and two smoking barrels. chiiiilll, winstooon.

7. chocolate bucket parfaits@kfc. sprinkles!

8. sleeping. i either don't sleep at all or i have a wonderful, pill-induced sleep. it's really getting to me.

9. music. absorbing like a sponge.

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