i need sleep.
2002-05-29 - 8:42 p.m.

it was after oneoclock when we called them. it was after onethirty when we snuck out of her darkened house and out into the night. [note: the moon was just amazing last night] my phone rang and it was them. we couldn't figure out where they were until we saw two figures walking toward us. they had already smoked and it was obvious. we went to his car and drove around. you can't just sit in parking lots in the middle of the night doing that sort of thing. and you can't just drive around with your fist in the air, lighter in hand, and lit. [oops] so with them in the front seats and me in the back, we drove and experienced the ubie. back roads. lost. didn't care. i burned my finger...that thing gets hot fast. i think that i hurt my throat from inhaling so hard. not to mention that the flame gets sucked in really close to the mouth. we didn't obey the instructions. not at all. we didn't use finely chopped tobacco. what do you think we used? [thechronicbionic] there's just something about driving around in the early hours of the morning with everyone else in bed. with the car windows rolled down. two boys in the front and you're the only girl around. there's just something.

i know i can't do this everyday, but what about every other day?

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