well...it happened like this.
2002-06-06 - 10:45 p.m.

yesterday was driving around at night with the windows down to air us out.

yesterday was passing and taking turns and sharing and...

yesterday was being goofy and angry.

yesterday was having to work and

yesterday was calling everything a pestiferous piece of shit and meaning it.

today there was a wrinkled bed and boy hands and then my daddy came home.

today we shopped and he pushed the cart and i couldn't wait till we would be taking groceries to our house.

today we held hands and kissed like we'd just started dating and he told me i was pretty and he told me that he loved me...how did he know that's what i needed?

today i got a whole bag of my favorite candy.

today we got free food at a nice restaurant.

today we planned our schedules and we will be learning together next semester.

today was good.

tomorrow...tomorrow i don't know.

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