top 10 of this moment pt ii, i guess.
2002-06-11 - 11:04 a.m.

0. work. finally i have decent hours.

1. the new tradition of walking around my block with him on saturday night before laying on my driveway and looking at the stars.

2. taking pictures and taping them into my book.

3. buying music. old rage against the machine is my current love.

4. xtreme airheads. strawberry. better than sex, i tell you.

5. the beatalls episode of the powerpuff girls. the best one ever.

6. fastforwarding the trailer tape at work so i don't have to listen to cooder graw or john mayer.

7. cheese wedges.

8. american movie. that movie is ridiculous. especially when mark gives bill a bath and he can't get bill out of the tub.

9. free stickers in the mail. yesterday, greasefire sent some.

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