squirrels are the devil's mittens
2002-06-20 - 10:41 p.m.

stealing the idea of lockandkey i have done a survey:

TEN of your favorite songs at this moment:

1) system of a down: "toxicity"

2) the pixies: "vamos"

3) marilyn manson: "rock is dead"

4) rage against the machine: "snakecharmer"

5) outkast: "back of the bus"

6) counting crows: "colorblind"

7) cee-lo: "closet freak"

8) chevelle: "mia"

9) pedro the lion: "bad diary days"

10) blind faith: "can't find my way home"

NINE albums that are important to you:

1) weezer's blue album

2) the pixies. surfer rosa

3) musiq soulchild. aijuswanaseing

4) dave matthews band. crash

5) snoop dogg. doggystyle

6) the cd that adam burned for me

7) nirvana unplugged new york

8) the beatles. white album [but really all beatles albums]

9) paul simon. one of the greatest hits albums.

EIGHT "bands/artists" you couldn't

live without:

1) weezer

2) beatles

3) led zeppelin

4) tool

5) rage against the machine

6) pedro the lion

7) snoop dogg [i kid you not]

8) the pixies

SEVEN things that annoy you:

1) too many questions

2) having to repeat myself

3) having to pee

4) being sweaty

5) wind

6) mayonnaise

7) songs that i hate stuck in my head

SIX movies you couldn't live without:

1) princess bride

2) sling blade

3) lock, stock and two smoking barrels

4) empire records

5) the professional

6) indiana jones [all 3]

FIVE tv shows you watch regularly:

1) gilmore girls

2) courage the cowardly dog

3) real world

4) curious world

5) sheep in the big city

FOUR of your all-time-favorite, desert-island books:

1) the perks of being a wallflower

2) flowers for algernon

3) me talk pretty one day

4) the princess bride

THREE albums you've bought recently:

1) rage against the machine. bulls on parade

2) the pixies. bbc

3) neil young. are you passionate?

TWO people that have influenced your life the most:

1) myself

2) that one guy at the post office that i saw that one day.

ONE thing you could spend the rest of your life with:

1) a sharpie.

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