name calling. and stuff. and your mom.
2002-07-18 - 10:29 p.m.

we had a fight yesterday. i think it was our First Real Fight. it was funny, looking back. he lacks the name-calling skills that i have. in fact, he just knows the nice names.

adam: "fuck, honey. don't be like this."

see? one does not use endearing terms while fighting. let's look at this sentence a different way - in the way of a seasoned name-caller.

"fuck you, you fucking fuck. don't be like this or i will eat your firstborn. you are the grittenest supermarfungular denominator of them all. you smell so bad that you could stun a small elk at 500 paces. oh, and: your mom."

this is the way of the dirty fighter.

but i don't like fighting with him. it makes me almost cry.

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