stupid love.
2002-07-27 - 10:50 p.m.

somebody let me know about love. let me know why i feel like i have a disease that is eating my brain and my heart away so that all i can think about is him. i hate hate hate being so dependent on a person.

i just rambled on like an idiot. i walked around outside in the dark. i almost rolled down the hill. i got my butt wet in the grass. all while running my mouth to his voicemail. i tried to explain to him what it was that was wrong with me for a while tonight. it's jealousy. i'll tell you, but i feel silly telling him. stupid things set it off. i talked to my mother and she says that it's natural...all these feelings i have. this answer didn't satisfy me. i want a treatment. some antibiotics prescribed for my jealousy, dependency and over-loving. if you know a good doctor, let me know.

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