fuh fuh fuh friday
2002-08-17 - 10:43 a.m.

he picked me up in the "new" old beatup truck that him and his dad bought. it's this awful yellowish color. it has a sticker on the back like 18wheelers have that says "caution: wide right turns". and i think it even has a bullet hole in the side. [if it was my truck, i'd probably shoot it too] there was something about the way he looked yesterday that made me nervous. as much as i hate to go on and on about such dumb things - he looked really hot.

we went to school to finish up with things - get parking tags and isbn numbers. we made fun of each other and stood in the middle of the halls eating starbursts.

he bought me lunch at pizza hut and we drew attention to ourselves by the way we were acting.

i think we went to the mall after this and i showed him all the cds i wanted. hinthint, you know.

we rented 'the filth and the fury' and i didn't see a whole lot of it because of distraction - fine by me, really. i would like to watch it when i can keep my attention more focused.

he gave me a tattoo on my left arm with one of my sharpies but wouldn't let me give him one.

so yeah that's about it. basically, i knew in my mind that i needed yesterday to be really great. and it was.

"with you here
baby i am strong
no sign of weakness
with you gone
baby i am hanging
by a thread"

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