good morning little birthday girl.
2002-08-24 - 12:21 p.m.

this is my birthday weekend. i'm getting so old, i can't take it all in one day, so i'm spreading it out over a few days.

he took me out last night. we pulled into a parking lot and he handed me my gift. a coloring book with america's 50 favorite crayons. 3 cds that i have been wanting. and a beautiful necklace that makes me feel like such a girl. how did he know that he would make me that happy? how did he know what to get? even i didn't know what i wanted.

we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant. he held my hand across the table.

he held my hand and had his arm around me for a good part of the night. this is exactly what i needed.

the night was just amazing and i couldn't imagine having a better night out for my birthday.

- - -

my mom always says to me on the morning of my birthday: "good morning little birthday girl." and this always makes me feel happy.

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