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2002-08-25 - 11:04 p.m.

today was the end of an amazing three days. seldom do i get the chance to spend days in a row with him. it's the healthiest thing ever for my heart.

today we went to my family reunion and he played the part of my moral support. oh how i hate family reunions. i do not know half of those people. and it's always the same: "you were just thiiiiis big last time i saw you!" and "what are you going to be when you grow up?" ha! i just smile and nod. and if those people that are supposed to be my family look at me sideways because they can't remember who i am, just think of how they looked at adam. do we KNOW you? my mother introduced him like this:

this is erin's...uh...friend.

well, you got part of it right mama. he's my friend. best friend. he's my true love and my support. he's my favorite person in the world. he is the world, pretty much. but you got part of it right.

we spend all three nights throwing our clothes off and then reluctantly putting them back on again. it's not that we have huge sexual appetites, it's just that it feels so nice to be skin to skin with a wonderfully warm body. because those places where clothes lie are usually the softest. i turn to him to find him staring at me. his eyes are just beautiful. of course i'm biased, but oh my. they're perfectly shaped and bright. so bright.

one of the three nights i found myself crying. not because i was sad, but just because i realized how much i love him and how much i know he loves me. it's gotta count for something when someone can bring on feelings that you've never experienced. they awaken feelings you never even knew you were capable of.

in related news, school and work can fuck off because all i need is love.

yeah. the beatles were right.

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