oh my.
2002-09-14 - 11:43 p.m.

he stopped mid-walk and he kissed me. he whispered "hold on to that for me."

- - - - -
it was sprinkling, but we were under the carport. i was sitting on the trunk of the car, and he was standing in between my legs with his arms around me. and my arms around him. yeah. like that.

my hands were pressed against the latch of the trunk and so my jacket sleeves would make a squeaky noise when his body pressed toward them.

he moved me backwards until my back was against the glass of the window. his hands warmed against my tummy.

i stood up and jumped off the car and grabbed his hand, running up the hill in the backyard to the little building that holds the lawn mower and other junk. we went behind it and it rained on our heads. my jacket was hanging off my right shoulder, but that would not be noticed for other things had my attention. such as hands and belt buckles and zippers and buttons.


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