this is your short description of saturday
2002-09-22 - 4:28 p.m.

started a bit before midnight
i'd just eaten breakfast
everybody knows breakfast is best
when served late at night

she and i arrived before the rest of them.
we started.
twisted off the lids
we had no bottle opener ||
only our sleeves pulled over our||
but i still felt the sharp little points inside my palm
the bottle was cold against my mouth
and i've never liked drinking out of bottles

they arrived

and the music arrived

+ the dizzy

& the dark

the warm and the fuzzy

the la dee da dee

the i love the whole wide world

+ i'm gonna tell them just
what i think

we were all smoking
but the smoke was pouring out of the mouths
in a haze
a cloudy, smoky haze
the lit ends glowing in the dark

our shoes and pants wet from the clumsy steps in the dark and the dew[w]y grass
she found jesus+i found a ham[p]ster

fear&loathing in las vegas

i went upstairs
and my baby, he followed
it was darker up here. less noisy.
the dizzy warm was in here too - - -it followed me up the steps
my stumbling - - -it didn't throw off it's death grip on me

inside a bedroom
on the floor beside the bed
he removed my pants and i slid across the floor on my panties
my baby, he's good to me

the warm fuzzy feeling and it's death grip were good to me too
and here i must tell you that my female parts
they told my nerve endings to tell my brain
to tell my vocal cords
to tell my baby
that they have never had such an amazing time in all of their days
go ahead and explode into heaven, love, and i'll follow

and he did

i laughed and stood up
we threw on our clothes and admired one another's reflections

returned downstairs to find no one there

we didn't care

few more hours of finishing off bottles
+ the purple plastic cups
full of pineapple juice

suddenly, while i am on the coldhard concrete floor

between somebody's legs

most people decide to leave

i am okay with this plan
because it ends up
with just (me)
{the bed}
naked except for our panties
[[[wrapped]]] up in each other
like a motherfucking bean burrito
we went to sleep a tangled
and i have //Never.\
in all of my life
felt as content
as when i would wake up
and roll over
and there


would be.

[i didn't untangle from him the entire night.]

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