yeah. idunno.
2002-10-14 - 3:12 p.m.

so there was this girl. and she was in love [she still is, by the way]. she was in love with this boy so much that he was first and foremost in her life and she found out recently that this was not the way things were supposed to be. this boy took out her heart and do you know what he did? he held it for a year and seven months before he dropped it on the concrete outside of her house one afternoon. he loved that heart. she knows this. but she also knows that her heart needed a lesson. her heart needed to grow stronger and quit being so selfish and jealous and obsessed with just one person. this is not to say that she should have been a...what do they call it?...a whore. this is to say that her heart was made with room for one love, friends, family and her Maker. but she knocked the walls out of her heart and made room for only one - him.

now. she learned her lesson. she has stopped with the baby steps and moved on to big fucking adult steps. she isn't sure she likes this, but it helps her to grow.

so send him back to me now, okay?

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