me, my snails, and the white stripes.
2002-10-23 - 12:18 p.m.

i'm going to start over completely. i'm going to buy a black jetta and pile all of the important stuff inside - the white stripes album, my two snails, a can of sprite and a change of underoos. i'm going to get out the map and drive to a place i've never been. to a place where a person lives that i've never seen. funny thing is, it'll be all right. funny thing is, once i cross the state line, my current life will be left and my new life will be ahead. i'll sing to my snails and drive carefully so they don't get upset. i'll take pictures along the way to mail to a few people that i love at home. no more school, no more blockbuster, no more loving a boy that broke my heart. only new things.

so fuck reality.

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