me and my little peanut butter jelly jam preserves
2002-10-29 - 10:34 p.m.

we sat on the floor watching cartoons in the middle of the store. preventing customers from walking to the checkout. instead they had to maneuver around our legs and arms.

we didn't know where to go. but what's new, right? only this time we had an extra person to pin it on. i didn't know. she didn't know. so he had to pick.

it all ended up to us being in somebody's house that we've never seen before. sitting on an unfamiliar couch in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar person. and i hit my head on a big thing. it hurt. but back to the story! we left this house and went to the park. the one that's been around since we were little. only we didn't do these types of things when we were young. we were in the best place in the park. in the little tower. all three of us standing in there. passing it around. so much damn smoke it'd make a cow cough. not that a cow has anything to do with this. that i think about it...there was this one time that we thought there was a cow there. but that's another story! so yeah...we were passing it around and i get the urge to lick the wood. and i do it and i do it and jeez i can't stop. and i say "beavah!" and nobody can stop laughing. especially me. everything is so slippery and my feet keep moving without my permission and i'm licking the fucking wood and shoo!

i get home and i know i smell of it. of your endo. your chronic bionic. your mary jane. whatever you so choose to call this substance of choice. my choice. i am walking around outside in the rain and i'm not sure why. i go inside really wet and my parents say not a word. i walk slowly by so as not to get the smell all stirred up or something! i don't know! and i sit on my bed. and just sit there. and stuff. and now this. it's shit i tell ya. i'm writing shit. but i don't care! i don't care.

i don't care.

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