i'm cranky.
2002-11-03 - 3:06 p.m.

no sleep in twenty seven hours
sleep would be traded in again immediately
if it were to be a repeat of the night/early morning
walmart to the bank to the
2ndrow, center
4ofus, sidebyside
driving back from the picture show
pearl jam playing
the heater was on
myself all stretched out in the seat
couldn't have been better, i thought
but i thought wrong
and this is how it goes.

late night perkins
late night grocery stores
we got ourselves some






because we were hungry and by that time
everything had closed
we took our stuff and set up shop on the curb of the road like a couple of homeless people
turns out though, we aren't observant
our bowls were ittybitty and our spoons were incredibly large

see also: shovels

see also: doesn't fit mouth

what fucking idiots we looked like
sitting on the side of the road
cheerios everywhere
laughing at ourselves
but mmm...cheerios

after a while
everyone is there and it is decided that
she + i
will go get the room
we pretend to be lovers to amuse ourselves

"kiss me baby sweetie."

"i want tomake love all night to you hunnybunny."

i'd say we were pretty convincing
but i'll tell you now, it wasn't her i was after, it was him.
turns out everybody left
but me+her+him
we stuck around in the room till early early morning.
and left in his car to wander aimlessly and smoke
and when i say smoke, i don't mean your
cutesy little cigarettes
no, i mean your brain-cell killing endo.
color me brain dead
color me whatever you want
cause i didn't care
drove around drove

then back to the hotel room
her to one bed
me and him to another
started out innocently enough


a couple of smuggled in bottles
of parrot bay [waterbottles] <---by way of
and jim beam [fruit punch sobe] <---by way of
poured them into clear blue cups
started out innocently enough


us fairly separated on the bed
then closer closer closer
till he was all up in mah biznass!
ask me if i minded.
ask me
no, i didn't mind
she went to sleep
but we
stayed up
all night long

drawing on each other's bodies
with the courtesy hotel pen
finding more and more blank space
arms legs tummies
and then!
somebody got brave!
somebody got on top of the other one
and wasn't this fun?
why didn't we think of this sooner?
as the hours pass
we're so close one of us usually can't breathe
hands on skin
and skin on skin
until someone had a hand in some pants
and someone's lips were brushing the other's lips
until there were sounds escaping mouths
and we ended up upside down on the opposite end of the bed
and we sure as hell didn't start out that way

9 in the morning and we felt like shit
i couldn't see through my contacts anymore
and our hair was sticking up

wrinkled clothes

sore mouths

red faces

yeah, we were a sight to behold

yeah, we got a few sideways glances
and some not so sideways glances

see also: full frontal gawking

yeah, i'm so sleepy my nodding head is getting bruised
and yeah, i have to go to work soon
but i'll be damned if my vagina isn't as pleased as fucking punch
and that, dear readers, is what pentup sexual tension gets you

and i think the lucky panties helped some, too.

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