2002-11-13 - 10:11 p.m.

i want affection. door-holding affection. tummy rubbing affection. hair-brushing-back from the face affection. i don't want you to open and close my door for me. i am very capable. all i want is thoughtfullness. i want hand-holding. i want to be touched. i want to be kissed on the forehead, kissed on the cheek.

i don't want to repeat myself and no, i won't speak louder. just listen. and listen well.

if i don't tell you what's wrong, don't pry. don't get angry - be patient. i can be just as stubborn as you.

compliment me if you feel the need and i will do the same.

send me sweet emails, leave me nice voicemails, write me letters, read me poems.

tell me you love me and mean it with every fiber of your being.

don't turn the music down in the car, just talk louder.

influence me and i'll influence you.

if i don't know where to go or what to eat, don't get mad, just wait. i'll tell you eventually.

make me laugh and make me cry.

be gentle with my heart, it's been through a lot.

tell me about yourself. listen when i do the same.

stay out in the cold with me without complaining.

i like to go on walks.

watch cartoons with me and let me lay on you where i can fit perfectly.

tell me about your day.

come see me at work even if you don't want to and i will do the same.

understand me.

accept me.

make me try new things.

don't be too nice.

call me names - honey, baby, erinface - i don't care.

don't stick your finger in my ear.

keep me warm.

let's take turns picking out the movies.

let's play in toy stores for hours.

i need quarters for the quarter machines.

play me songs that you make up on my guitar.

accept my flaws.

reassure me.

let me wear your shirt because it smells like you.

miss me when i'm gone because you know i'll miss you.

talk to me when we do..."stuff."

cook for me because i can't cook.

make me go to your family things because i make you go to mine.

walk in the rain with me.

lay in the driveway with me.

i'll not be so quick to anger if you won't.

help me with school and i'll do the same.

correct me when i'm wrong.

call me on the phone even though i hate talking on the thing.

make me cds of your favorite songs.

smack my butt and tell me it's the nicest one you've ever seen.

give me space.

crowd me.

laugh at me.

laugh with me.

walk behind me with your arms around me.

let me sit in your lap.

tell me what you like.

tell me what you dislike.

be my best friend.

tell me about when we first met.

surprise me.

tell me you don't want me to go.

color with me.

take pictures of me and let me take pictures of you.

let's eat cheese wedges all the time.

make fun of people with me.

get my sense of humor.

be stupid at the drive thru.

just be there. that's all.

love me. it's that simple and it's that complicated.

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