there goes another piece.
2002-12-03 - 10:31 p.m.

the car wasn't running, but the radio was on. however, it would cut off after ten minutes. we would be kissing and then he'd have to get up and turn on the radio again.

pearl jam always comes on when i'm with him. it's fucking perfect. it's his favorite band.

there's a footprint on his rear window. there are handprints on the back windows. there are fingerprints all over my body.

we drove back and i said to him

i said

i liked you then i hated your guts and then i liked you again.

we drove back and he said to me

he said

i remember the day i realized i liked you.

it was warm in the car. it was warm and he pulled me in by my scarf and kissed me and i got out and turned around and he was watching me. i got into my car and turned around and he was watching me.

i don't want to fall in love. i don't want to.


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