there's this one boy. i guess he's okay.
2002-12-13 - 11:05 p.m.

he calls my phone because he knows i won't answer to leave messages. once he read me the entire menu from arby's. he serenades me with old bad love songs. he got me a toy robot and together we set fire to it. now it resides in my car. he tells me he likes me because i'm weird. he thinks it's neat that i peed on the side of the road last saturday night. if he doesn't have his belt on, i help him keep his pants up with my finger through the belt loop. sometimes he lets me stick my finger in his mouth. we read squee comics together. if it's cold, he lets me fit into his coat with him. he lets me change the station on the radio. he kisses me on the cheek. we color on each other. we write notes back and forth at work. we're both terminally asocial. we both hate the world. he says "you take up my air, but i guess you're okay." i say "i hate people, but i tolerate you."

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