sam walton is the debil.
2002-12-13 - 1:01 p.m.

adaftapeth: wanna hear my hypothesis on walmart?

alkalinesingular: Yes

adaftapeth: ok

adaftapeth: you need a job, you go to walmart. seemingly like any other job.

adaftapeth: they give you lots of good hours and flexibility and good benefits, etc. to keep you there.

adaftapeth: give them about a year to have you sucked in and completely brainwashed...

adaftapeth: you go through trainings and lectures and nonsense and all the while you're being brainwashed...

adaftapeth: they tell you that "yo'ure all part of sam walton's family" blah blah blah. bullshit, really, but you're brainwashed so you don't know better...

adaftapeth: well...

adaftapeth: in the end their goal has been completed...

adaftapeth: because

adaftapeth: they have successfully taken nice impressionable boys and girls and turned them into whitetrash. they make it so that you quit everything good in your life and become dedicated to this sam walton character who's dead anyway!

adaftapeth: ...

adaftapeth: you quit school so that you have more time to work there AND so that god forbid, you not get a higher education and work somewhere decent...

alkalinesingular: and they sell clean versions of cds! confound

adaftapeth: you marry within the "family" so that you can breed more whitetrash to eventually work at walmart.

adaftapeth: IT"S EVIL!!

alkalinesingular: it must be stopped

adaftapeth: and yes, the clean version of cds.

adaftapeth: indeed.

adaftapeth: walmart ate my baby.

alkalinesingular: its no longer a chain of corporate stores

alkalinesingular: it is an entity

alkalinesingular: it must be destroyed

adaftapeth: but seriously, adam was always telling me how creepy that shit was.

adaftapeth: how they seemed cult-like

adaftapeth: and were all "sam walton love you"

adaftapeth: loves

alkalinesingular: and they have so much variety etc in their groceries that you're forced to BUY MORE SHIT

adaftapeth: exactly!

adaftapeth: you don't want to go to walmart, but you can't fucking help it because they HAVE WHAT YOU NEED!

adaftapeth: stupid fucers

alkalinesingular: LET ME TELL YOU

adaftapeth: fuckers, even

alkalinesingular: let me tell you my theory

adaftapeth: ok

alkalinesingular: about food

alkalinesingular: something ive noticedc

alkalinesingular: You see...

alkalinesingular: its always cheaper to buy more

alkalinesingular: where as if you buy less it costs more

alkalinesingular: EXAMPLE!

alkalinesingular: You can buy 4 boxes of coke for like 10 bucks

alkalinesingular: but if you buy one box it costs like 350

alkalinesingular: its only with that special deal

alkalinesingular: But let me go on

alkalinesingular: YOu see

alkalinesingular: if you buy a can of spaghettios that is like 30 oz

alkalinesingular: it costs a littl eunder 2 dollars

alkalinesingular: no im sorry

alkalinesingular: lets say 28 oz

alkalinesingular: but if you buy 2 cans of 15 oz cans equaliing 30 oz

alkalinesingular: it costs like 250

adaftapeth: yes

alkalinesingular: and yeah

alkalinesingular: it goes on and on

adaftapeth: demons.

alkalinesingular: if you want to buy the smaller version of that it costs more

alkalinesingular: like

alkalinesingular: its cheaper to be overweight

adaftapeth: hahaha

alkalinesingular: and health food is more expensive

adaftapeth: yeah.

adaftapeth: we should call it the debilmart

alkalinesingular: hahaha

adaftapeth: i got sick in it once

alkalinesingular: TIZ THE DEBILMART

adaftapeth: indeed it tiz

alkalinesingular: My friends jeff an danny always want to go there when we leave town

alkalinesingular: its like

alkalinesingular: WHY ITS EVIL

adaftapeth: yes!

alkalinesingular: and they were once like, "I feel like eating walmart food tonight"

adaftapeth: ewww

adaftapeth: walmart food is nasTAY

alkalinesingular: so we ate there

alkalinesingular: it is

alkalinesingular: i wanted to die

adaftapeth: AND!

adaftapeth: they have a mcdonald's inside and we all know how evil mcdonalds is! you eat the food and then the food eats your insides!

alkalinesingular: Yes

alkalinesingular: they have a mcdonalds in yours?

alkalinesingular: i havent seen that before

adaftapeth: and i don't think it's coincidental at all that if you rearrange the letters in mcdonalds they spell out SATAN

adaftapeth: yes they do

alkalinesingular: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

alkalinesingular: i lov eyou

adaftapeth: i lov eyou too

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