2003-01-14 - 1:20 p.m.

it's snowing and it's eating up the grass and the pavement and the rooftops. i don't like snow, i never have. it makes me nervous. school is the best it's been since i can remember and i still have no plan for my life. for my future. i've stopped thinking as much and found it to be helpful in getting through the day. i've stopped crying at night but i think that's just the benadryl kicking in before i have a chance to lay still for a minute. i've become a pro at the cold shoulder technique and i've become fond of setting small fires. like jay and silent bob we stand in front of stores and it's fuckmotherfuckmotherfuck doin coke drinking beers drinkin beers beers beers smoking blunts who smokes the blunts? we smoke the blunts. i work and my paycheck proves that. i'm searching for a camera. i'm searching for happiness. i keep tripping over the amp. i'm playing the piano again. i never update this shit anymore. bobby said to update whenever i think, but the problem is, i don't think. it's cold, cold outside, but i don't wear a coat. i wear tshirts and i keep warm by constantly moving around. such a sight to behold. i bought ben kweller and he hasn't left my stereo since. i am wasted but i'm ready.

i am wasted but i'm ready.

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