like whoa.
2003-01-29 - 4:39 p.m.

sometimes i talk about beaver wood. sometimes i laugh and i can't stop. my nose runs constantly lately and i'm afraid that i might have a booger hanging out at an inopportune time. i hide pills in my back pocket and sometimes i wonder if they might squish if i sit down the wrong way. then what would happen? would i have to lick the powder out of my pocket? or would i just leave it there and forget about it? i have a book i want to read, but i haven't gotten past the first page. this shows you what sort of an attention span i have as of late. i never wash my hands after i pee because i find it humorous how many people get offended by this. it's my pee, i'm not afraid of it. my driveway is really very steep. on a hill, ya know. i like to back out of it really fast and then slam on the brakes right as i reach the road. my daddy says i drive like an idiot and maybe i do..but i've never had an accident or a speeding ticket. but right then i just jinxed myself. excuse me while i knock on wood. ha. my grandma says that and then she knocks on my head. my grandma is the only person i trust. she's never given me a reason not to. everybody else? yeah, they're on the "don't trust these people" list. i don't rewind the movies at work like i'm supposed to. sometimes i put the movies behind the wrong coverboxes on purpose. sometimes i watch tv with the volume all the way down. i almost fell out of my bed yesterday. i forget a lot of things. i remember things i don't need to. my brain can't keep it's priorities straight. i hate snow. my man guppy ate his wife guppy. i told him he was a murderer and denied him food. i'm sorry i'm ridiculous. i'll stop now.

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