he may be the king of pop, but he has a funny nose.
2003-02-08 - 11:31 p.m.

adaftapeth: michael jackson has a snap on nose i think.

john: hey michael, barbie called, she wants her nose back

adaftapeth: haha

john: his nose freaks me out

adaftapeth: yeah

john: I bet if you cut it off, he wouldnt feel anything

adaftapeth: i swear it's snap on. i wasn't joking about that.

adaftapeth: right.

john: I bet he plays with it when he is alone

john: flicks it

adaftapeth: haha

adaftapeth: oh biznass.

john: cleans it with qtips

john: powders it

john: burns it with a lighter to see if it melts

adaftapeth: i bet it's like when you click a pen absentmindedly and don't realize it, he snaps on and off his nose the same way.

john: I bet when he runs, it starts whistling

adaftapeth: i bet sometimes he doesn't snap it on all the way and it falls off and it makes his children scream.

john: I bet you could use it as a party favor

adaftapeth: i bet he has interchangable noses. one for each day of the week. or even one to fit his mood.

john: I cant think of anything else

john: haha

adaftapeth: me neither.

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