my knee is bleeding.
2003-02-12 - 10:47 p.m.

there was this girl. she hated bowling like whoa. so she calls this boy on the phone. she says hey baby, i'll give you my arcade tokens if you lay outta class with me. he said he'd think about it, but it didn't take much convincing to get him to do it. they meet at the usual place of meeting. meet meet. meet. she says hey let's color a picture. so they do and sometimes their hands touch. he broke her green crayon, but she feels this is only fair because she almost broke his heart. he takes her to a place where the trees are lit up with white lights and they illuminate their faces through the car windows. this boy, he puts his hand on the girl's knee and then they're kissing and not sure when or how it started. just that it did and it's not going to stop for a while. this girl, she feels funny in her heart when there's this boy that pushes her hair out of her face. when he watches her get in her car with this crazy smile on his face. when he calls just to leave messages because he knows her phone is off. she tries not to think about it, though, cause that's what caused trouble the first time.

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