lucy in the sky with diamonds
2003-03-19 - 12:03 p.m.

this morning, i had just woken up and in an effort to make something of my day, i decided to take a shower. so i went looking for some pants in the drier and in the process of bending over to grab said pantalons, i busted my head on the !laundry basket! from hell. it's hard and thus, hurt.

today i'm going to make a tape for my friend. it's called "music to listen to when you get your eye poked out." he got his eye poked, you see.

last night i kept quoting rap lyrics in between reciting the thing from 'jay and silent bob strike back.' you know, the noinch noinch noinch shmokin weed, shmokin weed..etc..

i tried a box of jelly bellys and i spit out quite a few. like the one that tasted like buttered popcorn. popcorn isn't supposed to be chewy. holy mother. and toasted marshmallow! watermelon, that was good. as was cinnamon. and tangerine. the rest just about killed me, i think. but i exaggerate.

tomorrow night my friend comes home. we have a disco version of the beatles' "lucy in the sky with diamonds." it's really quite horrendous, but moving at the same time. upholster that!

wow this is all very stupid.

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