employee number 2307 has spoken.
2003-03-24 - 10:07 p.m.

a blockbuster employee's guide to new releases

1.jackass. i thought it would be stupid. as in not funny stupid. i laughed a lot. watch it. or don't.

2.ghost ship. i heard it was bad. i heard it was weird. i watched it. there was one good part and that was the beginning. the rest of the time, i kept tuning it out and only payed attention when someone screamed, so i had no idea, really, what was happening and at the end i was a bit confused. watch the beginning and turn it off.

3.maid in manhattan. predicatable. watch it if you have nothing better to watch.

4.friday after next. not as good as the first two, but funny nonetheless. however, i'm biased because i'm going to marry ice cube. so watch it.

these are coming out tomorrow and friday. rent a couple of those and also: igby goes down and wasabi.

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