blockbuster employee #2307 has spoken. again.
2003-04-06 - 10:14 p.m.

tales from a blockbuster

since the movie jackass has been released, several things have happened at blockbuster. here are some of the stories.

WomanCustomerPerson:Have you seen Jackass?


WomanCustomerPerson:Well, you know the midget that's in a lot of the tv episodes? Does he appear in the movie frequently or is he in it at all?

BlockbusterEmployee:He's in the movie a lot...he's one of their friends. He's funny, though.

WomanCustomerPerson:[makes strange face and also some gutteral noises] I don't know if i can rent this, then. I''m afraid of midgets. I just don't like them, they scare me. MIDGETS SCARE ME, OKAY??

BlockbusterEmployee:[blank stare]

- - -

BlockbusterEmployee:[reading movie title to ensure customer got correct movie]Jackass.

LargeManCustomer:[pauses]What did you call me?

BlockbusterEmployee:I didn't call you anything, I was reading off the movie title to you.

LargeManCustomer:[angryish]Are you sure??

BlockbusterEmployee:Yes.[under breath]jackass.

- - -

SmallChild:Mom, can I rent JackBottom?

Mother:Can you rent what??

SmallChild:Jack BOTTOM. can I rent the movie called JACK BOTTOM?

Mother:Just show me what you mean. Point it out.

SmallChild:[points to Jackass.]

Mother:[shrieks]NO! You can't watch that sort of thing, you're too young, do you hear me?

eh heh heh.

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