Butts and boogers.
2003-05-13 - 8:23 p.m.

Hoy hoy. This is Brett of http://darktruth.diaryland.com Erin loves me enough to let me update her diary. She begged me to do it.

"Please, please. You're so witty and concise. I beg of you." She was on her knees and everything.

So I was watching Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions tonight, and we were all sitting here like a cute little family, when all out of nowhere I was like, Holy Effer! Mother of Cheese and Brocoli! This old guy on there looked just like Greg, this guy I go to school with. Knowing my sister had a thing for this Greg character, I called her up. "Turn on Jeopardy!" I yelled at her. "Ehhhh...." she started whining. "I'm playing Tetris..." Eventually I got her to turn off Tetris and see this guy. Alan, his name was. I swear it was Greg in 20 years. It was very creepy. So we sat there, together, watching Jeopardy over the phone..

Okay I guess that story was much more entertaining in my head. Erin will be so fed up with my crap, that she'll never let me do this again. Oh curses. Imminent death would not bother me at this point.

Argh. 9asdh 23wkah. 3. asdkht210?


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