fuck short descriptions.
2003-06-30 - 10:53 p.m.

i feel as though i could crush the skulls of all three immediate family members in the span of one minute and feel absolutely no remorse.

that is, until this mood passes.

coming and going so quickly are the bouts of anger and violence and hatred that i'm becoming more and more accustomed to.

stop talking
stop looking
leave me alone

somedays, these days, i would be better off alone. by myself.

and most days, these days, i think i could be a hermit, shut off from the world.

i use my headphones to keep my ears from hearing anything undesirable.

and i have to keep closing my eyes to keep from seeing things i don't want to see.

& i can't keep my face from changing color

or my eyes from focusing on you

i just ask that when you touch me with both hands

would you please tear me up

beyond recognition
beyond recognition

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