this is not for those with weak hearts. not for those who enjoy the cuteness of babies. you have been warned.
2003-07-18 - 11:06 p.m.

sometimes, while at work, i'm afraid i'm going to explode. that all of the hatred i have for blockbuster and the human race will unite and shove it's way from the pit of my stomach up into my esophagus and out of my mouth. and through vocal cords i have never seen, words will spew forth, a mighty string of expletives laced with insult. and maybe some bile. maybe some vomit. i will smile. i will wipe my mouth and from that very mouth the most evil laughter imaginable will pour out. bouncing off of the new release wall, knocking off the horrible movies with the sheer hatred of it. and the customers in my presence will have such an intense fear for me then that there will not be an unsoiled pair of pants in the store.

on a completely unrelated note, today is one month for mr. d6 and myself. everytime a baby cries, i'm eating it in your name.

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