if you read this, you'll wish you hadn't. and i'll laugh at your misfortune.
2003-07-23 - 3:13 p.m.

i come home from work last night and i'm hungry but all i can find to eat is one oreo. so i'm eating the one oreo and watching the learning channel. a show about little people - midgets, if you will. and i realize it's late. and i realize that i have to get up at 6:30 in the morning. so i think "midgets? or sleep? midgets..sleep..eh..midgets." eventually, i tire of seeing ricardo taking pictures of himself naked, standing on a crate. so i go to bed.

i am jostled awake soon thereafter. the sun is not up. i am angry. i am not a morning person. i don't take a shower. i think maybe i brushed my teeth. i don't know i don't know i was confused. somehow i got dressed and ended up half-sitting, half-laying on the couch watching saved by the bell. i inform my father that i am leaving, and he grunts at me. as i'm walking out the door, i hope that i die in a horrible car crash so that he will feel guilty for grunting instead of saying "goodbye, be careful, don't speed, wear your seatbelt" like a good father should. but instead i make it to burger king in one piece. i eat my breakfast and steal some of serina's when she's not looking.

serina locks her keys in her car all the time.

instead of detailing what we do, i will merely say

we drove around. and stuff. and things.

something about words rhyming with chuck.

something about shaking a man named larry.

something about more stuff. and more things.

i'm so sleepy.

we rent some stupid movies and go to daniel's house to watch them. or rather, serina watches the movie and i look at daniel a lot and daniel lays on my leg and gets it all wet with his hair that is wet and, well...that's about it.

i have nothing terribly witty to say.

nothing very important.



i can't end this. it won't end. it could just keep going and going and going. the horrible, ridiculous entry of doom. sucking you in and killing your brain cells. wasting your time and draining your energy.

aim at my head! aim at my head! put me out of my stupid stupid misery and let me lay here, dying in a pool of my own blood. twitching from time to time as the seconds tick by. and maybe my sister will come in the room and poke me with a stick. i've always thought she'd be bad in an emergency. or really just not care that anything had happened to me and i needed medical attention quickly. i think she'd just see what that loud noise was and go back to video games or whatever she was doing at the time.

i hunger.

i haven't showered in 29 hours. my armpits are surprisingly fresh. my hair, however, is sticking in odd directions. moreso than usual.

i'd kind of like to take a shower, but then i think - it's the middle of the day - why take a shower now? maybe subconsciously i'd like to see how long i can go before i start to stink. maybe flies will start buzzing around me. flies vomit seven times when they land. quick.

and so it keeps going. will it end? or will it keep on going into more and more nonsense? how many characters can this box hold? will i lock up the computer with my nonsense? or will my brain explode first?

probably neither.

for here

i stop.

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