maybe i do.
2003-07-27 - 9:09 p.m.

the way my hand smells after i've held his all day.

the sound of him inhaling and exhaling smoke and the taste of our kisses afterward.

sometimes when he smiles it reminds me of nny.

sometimes after we kiss he makes a noise of contentment.

all of my cds are being replaced by cds he has burned for me.

the first kiss of the day. shoots my heart right out of my chest.

all i do is think of when i'll be with him. i rearrange my entire life around him.

i like sharing lemon slushies with him.

i like putting my things in his pockets.

i like how his face print gets on my glasses and i constantly have to clean it off.

i like having an email from him in my inbox almost every day.

i like that he'll call me on all three of his breaks.

when he comes to see me at work, work is then made bearable.

i like that i feel so much for him, i almost explode when i miss a day of being with him.

i like that his hair, not just mine, gets in our faces when we kiss.

he tells me i smell like cheese.

he calls me cracker.

he always takes off just one of my shoes.

he hides my things when i go to his house.

i like when he drives my car.

my mind is full of him and nothing else.

same with my heart.

and this time when the word 'forever' is used, it's real. no lies.

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