the sound that we make.
2003-08-06 - 6:56 p.m.

i wonder to myself if he minds my shoes on his bed. the thought isn't very complete because i'm busy concentrating on the fact that his mouth is on mine and his hands are in my hair or elsewhere. the blue fabric of my skirt is draped across his bed, surrounding my legs, my ankles and my shoes with the skull laces - the ones i'm afraid he might not want on his bed.

and i don't want to play favorites, but i might say that this was the best kissing we've done.

you know there was this one time that i pulled back and looked at him and his eyes..well now that i think about seems weird. his eyes are brown. but they seemed blue. and not just blue, but an incredibly light blue - almost like they were glowing. maybe it was the way the light was shining through the window. maybe. or maybe it was...

the intensity of it all threw me inside my mind. thoughts and feelings. no out-of-body experience, but quite the opposite, an in-body experience. senses heighten when eyes are closed; hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling. in the darkness behind my eyelids, my senses became acute. acute..


like the angles that i learned in geometry.

like the angles in geometry, my legs spread obtuse over his acute ones. a flurry of blue fabric, bedspread and limbs. the movie we were watching has ended and the voices that were the soundtrack to this impromptu performance having long gone, all that can now be heard is the sound that we make when we are physically in love.

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