nananana neo nananana sporin
2003-08-09 - 12:20 p.m.

yesterday afternoon, i threw some things into my bookbag because i wasn't going to be coming home that night.

me and serina went to sit under the bridge while we waited for daniel to call. we performed the neo..sporin song in the drainage ditch. it was beautiful.

we ate at ihop with serina's singing along to the muzak as our soundtrack. we didn't leave a tip because we're bastards.

we parted ways with daniel and serina and me went to the mall for about five minutes before deeming it unsafe for our mental health and leaving. from here we go to the park and do a dance for the nice people while the strangeland soundtrack blares from the car speakers. i smoke cigarettes in rapid succession until my head is spinning and i feel like i inhale the atmosphere when i breathe in hard.

we meet daniel here and the sky grows ominous as we leave for blockbuster. halfway there, the clouds break and rain covers everything and we walk inside dripping and squeaking.

i believe from here we left for brandon's house and there is much talk about sheep porn and tamzilla and possessed computers.

then to the liquor store! drinking is bad for your liver. don't drink and drive. don't drink and play with heavy machinery. care bears do not actually care very much. store under 120 degrees farenheit. do not puncture. consult your physician.

from here to the hotel where we request one of those third floor rooms so we can come and go as we please.

grocery store.


then illegal things.


then we come back and watch comedy central. so exciting. oh man.

serina and aaron leave, leaving two of us. two of us being daniel and erin. two of us alone in a hotel room.

we didn't sleep until about 6 or 6:30 this morning. i didn't want to sleep, because that meant losing the valuable daniel time. but i could barely hold my eyes open.

"you can't go to sleep yet." i said to him.

"but i have to mow when i get home and it'll be hard if i don't sleep some."

"not yet. you have to tell me stuff and things."

"what do you want me to tell you? that i love you?" he asked.

"maybe" i said.

"do you?"

"maybe" i said.

"do you?"


"well, i do."

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