today. what an unoriginal title.
2003-08-11 - 10:27 p.m.

the earliest memory of today is one of me sitting in my car. in the parking lot, waiting for him. i was watching the sideview mirror vibrate with the music of tool. the car was filling with smoke despite the open window and i watched smoke flow out of my nose. i'm sure this is not very becoming and i wondered why i didn't blow it out of my mouth instead. but i like watching it come out of my nose and go in two separate directions before converging.

converging is a term he used once to describe the path our relationship was taking. we have now successfully converged and are following along on the same path. holding hands and in love, all is right with the world for once. at least my little world.

i was late for work today because i kept thinking "just a few more minutes." i should know by now a few more minutes is never enough with him. all the time in the world would still leave me wanting for more.



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