no subject for you, nay-sayers!
2003-08-17 - 11:07 p.m.

one week left and it doesn't really count completely. i'm afraid that my heart, which is beginning to stand free on it's hesitant legs, will stumble when these long weeks begin. long weeks filled with school and work and no time for each other. and when i say "no time for each other" i only mean that the world gets in the way. because as far as i'm concerned i have all the time in the world for him. and if that's not enough, i'll kill other people and take their time for him too.

kissing him. kissing him brings such an amazement, such a connection that i feel that if i open my eyes, tears will pour out and not stop. separate, our love is pure, passionate. the kind that creeps into your mind, into your spinal column and flows within your blood stream. but together? when we touch? how fast this combined love could kill you, if you were in it's presence.

on a completely unrelated note, serina and i were adding commentary for the herd of rolie polie bugs that were out after it had rained. it was terribly amusing, but if i told you about it all now, you would scoff and throw things at our heads. but we decided that if we were superheroes, we would have rolie polie power which means that we could roll up into balls and charge at evil-doers. evil-doers and nay-sayers. nay-sayers and your mom.

i end here.

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