a [not so] lovely account of my day.
2003-08-19 - 11:03 p.m.

i got off early today. this was good.

today, kind of smushed up into his side, i smiled. contentment because of him is my new favorite feeling.

my school schedule has been rearranged in order to allow more daniel time throughout the school year. i'm relieved. and a relieved erin is a happy erin. and a happy erin means erin doesn't throw her feces in your face.

i have an eight am class which is stupid considering i've never even seen eight am before unless it's just from where i haven't gone to sleep the previous night. not to mention this class is history which i've already failed 362 times. maybe the 363rd time is a charm.

next is art class which i will most definately fail. i can't draw.

next is anthropology which i'm not even entirely sure what that is.

and spanish ii will be bad since i can't remember spanish i.

and exercise to music? i will kill myself from the sheer stupidity that this class suggests. i don't want to exercise. i don't want to do it to music. i don't want to pay to exercise. i don't want to pay to exercise to music. for 55 minutes every tuesday and thursday i will hate my life with a fiery hatred that could eat up the intestines of the entire population of the state of massachusetts.

i have 5 days left until hell kicks in again. one of those days is my birthday - the day i will turn 21. i will probably buy alcohol before class each day and go through the semester in a happy blur.

i hate school.

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