2003-08-25 - 9:56 p.m.

my daniel loves me enough to drive allll the way to my school to pick up my sad little purged self. loves me enough that he only gets a few hours of sleep before picking me up and driving me home. loves me enough to let me come over and be with him instead of him sleeping.

but i was purged today. vomited out of the system. the beady-eyed lady in admissions said

"what's your social?"

and i hated her from then on.

i wanted to take the pen that was attached by the chain to the counter and stab her stupid eyes out and say "my 'social' is anti, bitch."

but secretly, i rejoiced inside because purged is another word for "no school." and no school means more daniel and no school means working my ass off and moving out and that means even more daniel and this leads to a very happy life for me.

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